Not all artists smoke ‘weed’ for creativity- Tau- Tiko

Local Afro beat musician formerly known as Cillio before rebranding to Tau-Tiko has come out to say that not all artists smoke marijuana to cook up a hit song in the studio.

Tau- Tiko who was part of a duo group named Benjex before going solo shot down the perception saying that having a successful studio session depends on the commitment of the recording artist.

This week Vibe set with the youngster and this is what he had to say.

Full Name: Johannes Tautiko Naftal

Stage Name: Tau-Tiko

Nationality: Namibian

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Vibe: Where are you from?

TT: I was born in Ondangwa and raised in the beautiful coastal town of Lüderitz.

Vibe: What are you currently working on musically?

TT: I am currently working on my first solo album project with Namibia's biggest producer Araffath.

Vibe: Who are some of the artists you have worked with before locally?

TT: I worked with a lot of brilliant artists such as Hishishi Papa, Syclone, Salvador, Sman, SunnyBoy and J-Bently just to name a few.

Vibe: Why did you decide to go solo?

TT: I needed to find myself, the type of sound I am into and learn how to do things on my own. At the end of the day, one can’t be staying at your parents’ house forever, I needed to test the waters.

Vibe: What is the difference between a signed artist and the one who is not under any record label?

TT: Signed or not, just make sure you have good content and work on improving yourself daily.

Vibe: What would you say are some of your wow moments through your musical career?

TT: Working with one of the best producers in Africa, we had wow moments almost every time we stepped in the studio. Working with Bumpi Judah and Hishishi Papa got me some of my best moments so far.

Vibe: Besides music, what else do you do?

TT: I am a professional DJ, and currently an inhouse DJ at Kings Bar and a studio assistant at 777 studios.

Vibe: Moving away from music, who is your local celebrity crush?

TT: Mrs Monica Geingos. Her wise words are everything and one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard was delivered by her, she is a natural born leader, respect.

Vibe: If you were stuck in an elevator with Promise, Pombili and Ghetto Ballerina and you are told to kiss one to get the elevator moving again, who would you choose and why?

TT: I’ll kiss them all, they're all great individuals in their fields of work.

Vibe: If you have to open your wallet now, how much is in it?

TT: N$450 on my way to Kapana though, so it will surely decrease.

Vibe: What is your take on the notion that all artists smoke marijuana when going for studio lessons?

TT: At the end of the day we all got different beliefs which I strongly respect but my point of view is "no" not all artists smoke weed and not all politicians are corrupted.