JBentley to bring Wamboe Lokasie

Kwaito artist, Jesaja Geingob Angula also known as JBentley, who released his second album titled Not Guilty in November last year, is on another committed move to release his own short film called ‘Wamboe Lokasie’.

This week, Vibe caught up with the solo artist and this is what he had to say.

Full Name: Jesaja Geingob Angula

Stage Name: JBentley

Nationality: Namibian

Sex: Male

Genre: Kwaito and Hip Hop

Vibe: Please give us a brief background on your music career?

JB: I started music in 2004 with a group called WL soldiers which means Wambu lokasie soldiers in England. It was just a group made up of five Namibian artists that I have brought together. I only came back to Namibia in 2006 and that is when I started working on my first album with a producer called Flame but crushed later on and that’s how I ended up working with Kboz to complete the project.

Vibe: When is the movie coming out?

JB: The trailer will be out by the end of the year, it takes a while to release a movie in Namibia.

Vibe: Where exactly are you from?

JB: I am a Namibian; my mother is an Oshiwambo speaking lady but my father is Zambian. I was born in Zambia, Lusaka before Independence.

Vibe: What is the reason behind your second album’s name ‘Not Guilty?

JB: I don’t really want to talk much about it, because you know how Namibians can be. However, I was accused of selling drugs in Europe because of jealousy, just a group of fellow Namibians who decided to report me and I was sent to jail for two weeks. The name basically just speaks about me not being guilty of anything.

Vibe: Who are some of the artists you have worked with on your last album?

JB: Mr Makoya, Black ghost, Skizzo, Berthold, Vinus, Sunny Boy, Kanibal and Syclone.

Vibe: You have managed that you have a signed up a songstress under your label, what is the name of your music record label and when it was established?

JB: Street dreamz Music and it was established in 2010.

Vibe: Apart from music, what else do you do?

JB: I am a fitness trainer and I am into the film industry, I write scripts.

Vibe: Let us move away from music, who is your local celebrity crush?

JB: Lol, my girlfriend will kill me but my local crush is Ndapewoshali while I choose Rihanna internationally.

Vibe: If you were stuck in the middle of an ocean on a boat with Araffath, Lioness, Sunnyboy and Exit and you told the boat can only move if you plot with one person to throw out another artist, who would you throw out and who would you plot with?

JB: Lol, I will jump in myself because I don’t like putting other people’s lives at risk.

Vibe: If you were stuck in a public toilet and you have just finished doing number two and looking on your right-hand side, you realise there is no toilet paper, what is the first thing you are going to grab?

JB: My T-shirt because I do fitness training so, I can just work out shirtless.