Entertainers speak on independence


As the nation prepares to celebrate the 28th year of Independence, Vibe took to the streets to speak to local entertainers on what Independence mean to them and where they will be celebrating the day that marks freedom for the Namibian nation.

While some musicians will be celebrating in the comfort of their homes, others will be making use of the public holiday to sell their CDs.

Meanwhile a couple of artists have seen no value in celebrating independence saying that it is simply just a normal day.

Erna Chimu

Independence Day to me means that we have gotten our freedom and I will be spending the day with my family at the farm.

Naka Blacksheep

Independence Day for me means, I will be celebrating and continuing the legacy of the women and men that liberated Namibia. Their efforts and sheer determination remains unparalleled. I’ll be spending time with family and friends. Happy 28th Independence Namibia.

Sally Boss Madam

I will hopefully spend it with family here in Windhoek. Independence Day to me is the fire that keeps on reminding us of who we are and how far we have come as a nation under God. We should respect this day and celebrate our victory after defeating the colonisers, Wakanda style!


It is the day I celebrate the freedom to make my own choices and to pursue life without hesitation. The day I celebrate the feeling of knowing that a black man can make it on his own. So, with independence I finally have the ability to choose whether to say yes or no. Ndamanguluka! The day I show my patriotic nature to the nation and I owe this Independence Day to all my heroes, the fallen and the standing. Thank you, Lord.


Independence means that I am now free from slavery. We should work hard to build the country. I will be in Tsumeb working hard selling COTAMUSHE t-shirts and CD’s.

Dj Siya

Independence means peace, unity, reconciliation spirit and diverse culture amongst Namibian people. I will be celebrating it at home with my family and friends. Happy Independence Namibia.