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NPL elects Irvine Ndjavera as new Chief Executive Officer

by Rodney Pienaar


Namibia Premier League (NPL) has appointed Irvine Ndjavera as its new Chief Executive Officer, after the position has been vacant since 2011. 

“We are still negotiating the terms of appointment of Ndjavera with his employers. The contract is for three years and we are hoping that the ministry would second his appointment for the position. Ndjavera has been recommended to the NPL executive committee as the ideal candidate for the position,” Kauta said. 

He further said that contrary to reports, only one candidate was recommended to the NPL executive by the panel and not six.

“We want to have the CEO term running concurrently with that of the league as we do not want to burden the future board with our appointee when our term ends. We will make plans based on our budget if we do not reach an agreement with the ministry,” he said. 

He added that this was the right time to appoint a CEO as the NPL has been without a CEO since 2011. 

The former CEO of NPL Mathew Haikali was fired after he was found guilty of having unlawfully hiked his own salary and that of his colleagues. The league’s chairperson had to take over the duties of the CEO including various crucial administrative and policy decisions.

“We are sure he is the right man for the job. We will be working together as a team and will make sure that everything done in our offices is for the love and development of soccer in our country,” Kauta said.