Topsy Kim drops Xa Ka Kai music video

House and Afro Pop artist, Rita Matanga aka Topsy Kim, has just dropped a brand-new video titled Xa Ka Kai featuring the Otjiwarongo superstar Kalux.

The musician who describes herself as gangster, set with Vibe this week and this is what she had to say.

Full Name: Rita Matanga

Stage Name: Topsy Kim

Sex: Female

Occupation: Musician and qualified teacher

Genre: House and Afro Pop and Bongo style

Vibe: When exactly did you start doing music?

TK: I started doing music in 2009. I used to write lyrics but I never recorded them. In 2011 I moved from Katima Mulilo to Ondangwa and I recoded my first song there. So since then I have been in the studio doing music.

Vibe: You mentioned that you are currently based in Okahandja, who do you record with?

TK: I work with the House Guru Gang, they do all my music. I drive to Windhoek to record or sometimes to Walvisbay, if you look at scenes, you will see that we actually shot it in the coast.

Vibe: What are some of the challenges you experience as an upcoming artist?

TK: I would say promotion and getting the right channel because sometimes you release a good song and then you are stuck not knowing where to take it. You don’t know who to go to. Simply just connections.

Vibe: Are you planning on working on an album soon?

TK: Yes, I am planning on dropping an album and I already have a song that I did with Sally Boss Madam and it is also going to be on the upcoming album which might come out in August or September, somewhere there. I have my own studio now, bought equipment, so, I am just trying to get a producer that will be working in the studio at home.

Vibe: How many tracks are going to be on the album?

TK: Probably 16 tracks.

Vibe: You have mentioned that you worked with Sally, who are some of the other artists you have worked with or planning on collaborating with?

TK: I have already worked with Exit, Neslow, Kalux and I am planning on working with Gazza, The Dogg and Promise as well as artists from other countries such as Zambia.

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