Local CD and DVD printer rescues musicians’ pockets

With many local artists and film makers spending thousands of dollars to print their projects internationally, Werner Kanana has established a local CD and DVD printing company which allows artists to produce their art locally.

Werner, who is an Afro pop artist told Vibe this week that over the years, local artists have been struggling to get their music printed when releasing an album as they have to dig deep into their pockets to produce the end product in South Africa.

“We have been spending too much money that side, some of my fellow artists would sometimes send their stuff to SA and when the things come back, they are empty and returning them again costs money and time,” he said.

The CD and DVD printer has so far worked with musicians such as D-naff, YoungT, Bantu and many others.

Werner said, “There is a friend of mine in Rundu who printed his CDs like two years ago but when all the CDs came, they will all empty and another artist will be bringing her things to us today to be rectified again but they are all coming from SA.”

The company was established last year, however it only managed to get recognition this year.

He said, “We opened the company last year but it was not easy, people did not take it seriously, but now as I am talking people are busy printing CDs and everything about printing.”

He further highlighted that many well-established artists are currently coming on board.

Although Werner said the company has only now started picking up compared to when they first started, there is a mushrooming of other small printing companies which often leads to customers questioning their credibility.

“When we first started we didn’t include our logos on the CDs that we printed, so there was a funny company printing low quality things and when people see it, they label it as ‘Namibian’ product,” he said.

 He added that they have now come up with a strategy for people to identify their projects, which is including their company’s logo on each CD.

Local entertainers pay N$25.00 per CD for a normal CD while the rest comes in packages.