WRP grab Katjavivi by the collar over party money

The Workers Revolutionary Party has fumed over N$3.8 million worth of party funds which they claim are supposed to have come into their pockets but have allegedly been stolen by Speaker of Parliament, Peter Katjavivi, through a fraudulent parallel FNB bank account.

The party’s secretary, Hewat Beukes, in a letter addressed to the Electoral Commission of Namibia and made available to The Villager accuse the speaker of parliament for “extort(ing) money from the treasury on the pretext that it is the WRP’s parliamentary funds”.

The provision of party funds to WRP members has been marred by controversy as the National Assembly continue to recognise party members, Benson Poniso Kapaala and Salmon Fleermuys who Beukes maintains have long been recalled from the party.

Speaking to The Villager this week, Beukes alleged that Katjavivi is involved in the creation of a fraudulent bank account with FNB into which funds have been channeled via treasury and directed for private use.

He said his party’s official account is with Standard Bank.

“We have not been fighting with them over these funds for a long time. If they take out the whole N$9.6 million next year in bulk that will not make sense. So they realised that they have to do it now because they have eyes on this almost N$10 million of our party,” he said.

Hewat confirmed that his party has the information that Fleermuys and Kapaala pay monthly dues to be in parliament.

However, he made a turn around saying that they had no solid confirmation on whether this is true or not saying they remain allegations.    

“These guys are still in parliament. They say they represent the party. We have removed them. They say absolutely nothing, what they do is they get these S&Ts and they push their salaries up to beyond N$100 000 a month,” he said.

Hewat allege that information was leaked to them from an insider within Katjavivi’s office who said the speaker had misappropriated the funds via the parallel bank account.

“The information that we got directly from his (Katjavivi) office is that he took the bulk from this account for personal use and then we went to his farm. We investigated his farm near Outjo and we found that he had bought two tractors, and he bought a number of livestock with this money. It’s the information we got from our own intelligence which I can not divulge.”

“This is the situation. We are hundred percent that it is true. Out of a party bank account you can not withdraw bulky money. You have to account for that,” he said.

Hewat further claimed that his party has    proof that Katjavivi is working in cahoots with the two suspended members.  

He said while a position had been taken that money will not be given to WRP because of factional infighting, yet the two expelled party members continue to be paid.

“If you say there is s dispute barring you from paying then you don’t pay anything to anyone. We are a Marxist party and we know that the Americans are also behind this. They do not want a Marxist party in this parliament because we represent the working class.”

“And if we go in there, we go with all sorts of issues, the GIPF case, we know that it is not N$600 million we know that it is N$15 billion that’s already documented. And we are going to mention all the salient issues that are wrecking the Namibian society. And we are not going to participate in the nonsense that they talk about in parliament," he said.

WRP has since written to FNB where the alleged fraudulent account is and has demanded its immediate closure.

In the letter, the party also allege that Katjavivi had withdrawn N$2 million from this account.

Another letter addressed to the same bank reveal that a Neerin Ikaumbi had maliciously opened the duplicate account.

“She has blatantly breached the law. The intent to commit fraud is clear from her disregard of the bank’s regulations and procedures especially those set down to guard the security of accounts,” reads the letter.

 Meanwhile, when The Villager approached the speaker of parliament, he was not shaken by the allegations and furnished this publication with a general response he had penned for the media.  

“Parliament disburses funds to political parties represented in the National Assembly, as per our rules. Misgivings in the administration of these political party funds are addressed to the Electoral Commission of Namibia,” he said.

However, a letter from the ECN made available to this publication written to Hewat reads, “Your letter contains serious allegations of theft, fraud and corruption and such matters may be addressed to other offices/ministries/agencies and not to ECN.”