Himba Boi goes international

Upcoming artist Tjeripo Kahimunu aka Himba Boi’s latest video Punde recently premiered exclusively on MTV Base and he now has plans to take on the music industry by storm under the brand Olive Entertainment Agency.

The artist who has seen himself working with one of the biggest producers in South Africa, Alie Keys, set with Vibe this week and this is what he had to say.

Age: 27

Genre: African sound mixed with contemporary European instrumentals

Full Name: Tjeripo Petoorua Vaanda Kahimunu

Stage Name: Himba Boi

Sex: Male

Vibe: Where exactly did the Himba Boi name come from?

HB: A lot of people that I tend to know, they try to be someone they are not, they live in a world that is not theirs especially us Namibians. We don’t have a sense of identity, we take other people’s identity and make it our own. So, I believe that it is cool to be who you are, if you are a Himba, you are just a Himba so.

Vibe: Give us a brief background on how you started doing music and where your inspiration comes from?

HB: My love for music come a long way, I was inspired by my father who is a huge music collector, especially Jazz music and African contemporary.

My first engagement with music was with a group called MasZanga in Otjiwarongo, we used to be four. When we were about to leave school, my father was not happy with me doing music so, he gave me two options, to continue doing music or go to University to pursue a career.

So, he said, if I choose music he will disown me. The MasZanga continued and they formed now that group, I was left in the shadow discovering myself and my sound.

My first recording was in 2016 but this this was my first ever music video.

It was an honour for it to be premiered on MTV Base, I believe it is the first time for a Namibia musician to premier especially on MTV Base, not to play but premiering exclusively.

Vibe: How many singles are you planning on dropping, now that you have released Punde?

My management and I which is Olive Entertainment Agency are having a different approach towards marketing and bringing up this Himba Boi brand. We don’t want to say that we are releasing an album soon. All we can say is that we are bringing projects that have never been done before and that are fresh.

Vibe: When exactly where you signed under Olive Entertainment?

I was working at Nored electricity for about two and a half years but before that, I was working in the banking industry for about five and a half years and then all of a sudden, I just decided, I must pursue my purpose. So, I resigned from everything and decided to come to Windhoek to pursue my career. But the way we met with my manager Julia Kadhikwa, I heard about her through my father.

Mind you, he never liked me doing music at all, so he met Julia in SA through a mutual friend on a business lunch they were having, it happened that the people my father was having lunch with spoke about me.

And Julia was like who is this guy capturing the attention of cooperate executives?

She then gave her business card to my dad, and a month after, he dropped the business card with me and said I should call Julia, she is into music. I came to Windhoek and I called her, and it just happened.

So, when I met up with my management, our vision matched, so we started instantly which was last year.

Vibe: Where were you before moving to Windhoek?

HB: I was working in Outapi but before that I was staying in Okongo.

I had a long career before doing music.

Music in Namibia is not something that people can advise you to jump into, everyone I knew was against it but I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

So, when I moved to Windhoek, we sold everything and we invested all in this first project.

At some point I thought I was going crazy giving up everything for something we all know is not always guaranteed.