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Don’t wait for the holy spirit – D-naff

by Rosalia David

Gospel artist Naftali Shigwedha Amukwelele commonly known as D-Naff has urged local gospel artists to work hard on promoting their art and not wait for the Holy Spirit to do everything.

Speaking to The Villager, D-naff said often gospel artists release songs then sit back and relax without going out of their way to promote their music on all media platforms.

“Many gospel artists lack the mentality of promoting a gospel project because they have the mentality of ‘holy spirit will do everything’, they do not want to take out money like we do and invest in promoting their songs,” he said.

He further emphasised the importance of being visible on any social media platform.

“There is no point in just sleeping, pray and expect money to fall into our hands God says in order to eat, you need to work,” he said.

Speaking on his upcoming album, D-naff also revealed that he currently hard at work on his 11th album which will be a combined project between him and traditional gospel artist, Andrew Halupe.

“We are almost done finalising everything, I have been trying to get international features and so far, I have collaborated with an artist from Kenya and Zimbabwe,” he said.

The album will be dropped after the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in May but no specific date could be confirmed.

“I have not finalised the name of the album yet but it will definitely be released after we are done with the NAMAs, I want to focus on the event first,” he explained.

Apart from the album, the long coming artist will be dropping two brand new music videos this month while he also has plans to shoot another one this coming weekend.

“We are busy i then studio, almost done with recordings and we just performed at the Swapo Youth League to market the song. One of the songs' name that is set for release is called Christocentric,” he said.

When asked whether he has any plans to sign up new artists under his record label, he said he will only focus on taking a few under his wing after the NAMAs have passed.

“I have four artists that I still need to push, there are a few that have approached me but not now,” he noted.