NCF host community outreach race

Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) held its first community outreach race of the year in Rundu last week.

The race is one of  the many activities created to target kids on the NCF’s Kids on Bikes programme which takes place in the regions, race director João da Costa said.

“Participation at the Rundu event was not the best especially comparing to the highest number we had last year.  30 from 106 is a disappointing number. What was more disappointing was that only three girls took part out of 30 participants. A lot of kids arrived at the event without indemnity forms,” he said.  

He added that the participants were divided in the race categories, 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under and 16 and under.

Da costa said that the programme followed the usual race-day weekend sequence such as setting up the field, registering the kids, brief practice on the 20 bikes and allocation into motos' before the race began.

“We should consider a minimum number of participants to race-day weekends and community outreach events. My suggestion is to have a minimum number of 60 registered kids a week before the event takes place. Indemnity forms should be at the centre and not be brought to events on the day of the event  and the cut-off date should be a week prior to the scheduled event,” he said.

He added that NCF also held a flat racing BMX event primarily for 16 and under kids.

Denilson Ngola won in the category of boys (8 and under) while same category for girls was won by Jane Hilger.

Michelle Mukuyana came in second while Clara Albas Nangolo took 3rd place in girls who are 8 and under. 

In the 12 and under boys’ category, Michael Kudumo scored first place, followed by Herculano Ngola in second place and Antonio Jose Fonseca in third. 

Paulo Fernando won in the 14 and under boys’ category while McIntosh Muyeghu scooped the second place, followed by Fidel Arnordo Fernando in the third place. 

The boys’ 16 and under category winner was Carlos Mulombwele who was followed by Sawolinus Kanyanga in second and Arnord Kandjimi in third place.