Outjo farmer loses N$150 000 worth of cattle to poachers

A farmer at Outjo district lost N$150 000 worth of cattle after poachers slaughters 12 Simmentaler breed cows on Tuesday morning.

Speaking to The Villager, the owner of the livestock Douglas Kaura said 11 of his Simmentaler breeds were pregnant, swelling the loss.

 “The workers at the farm noticed cattle making noise and they went to investigate. They saw the three poachers, however two ran off and the one that stayed behind was recognised by the workers,” he said.

He added that the man who was caught red-handed begged not to be reported to authorities, although in fear of him repeating his offenses the police was called.

Kaura said that this is the first time he has suffered a loss of this magnitude and to poachers.

“Whoever they are, they are known by the police. Police have confirmed that to me because they also found a cell phone on the scene that they will be using to track down these poachers. The poachers had weapons and used them to kill my cattle. And it is believed that they have been dropped by a vehicle which I believe could be used to transport the meat to sell,” said Kaura.

He added that the poachers had also made biltong and hanged it on the trees close to the scene where they were slaughtering.

The acting regional commissioner of Otjozondjupa region deputy commissioner Moses Khairabeb has confirmed that a case of cattle poaching was reported to the police in Outjo.

“Yes, I got a call from the Outjo police station commander and they informed me about the case. But I am still not informed whether any arrests have been made regarding the incident. Once I am informed than I will be able to assist you with the case registration number as well,” he said.