Nakathila inches closer to a world title fight

Nestor Sunshine Academy’s golden-boy, Jeremiah “Low-Key” Nakathila is inches away from landing a world title fight, if his latest improvement from the WBO 6th to the 5th ranking is anything to go by.

Low-Key has had a smooth sailing in the past year and he is bracing to consolidate his gains at the 20th of March Legacy Fight which will see him trading punches with Ghana’s Patrick Okine for the WBO Africa junior lightweight title (12 rounds).

“I have moved up to number five and I feel very happy and motivated. I am about to reach my dream whereby I will fight for a world championship. We have a boxing ranking from number one up to 15 and any time you can challenge for a world title in the top 15.”

The chances for such a prestigious title do not come by that easy, yet inching into the top five makes things better for this title-thirsty lean boxer.

“Hitman was number two when he went to the States for the world championship and Julius Indongo when he went to Russia was ranked number 4. Even if you go back, when in the top five you have the highest chance of challenging for a world title shot,” he said.

Yet his boxing stable has started the year with a glitch, having already suffered a grueling world title loss in America and Prince Naidjala’s efforts to tussle the Australian Jason “The Smooth One” Moloney having been dashed through the window.

The boxing camp has also been dragged into the public over wrangles with one of its glamour boys, Julius Indongo who jumped ship for an American boxing stable due to contractual disputes.

With all this underwear hung in public, stakes are high to retain the shine of glory back to the respectable stable and sail through for Low-Key who is hell-bent on winning his next fights by KOs.

“From my side I have to just prove a point that we can do it, we can win, although we started the year not so good. It should put us under pressure to go work hard and win. If I look at how Hitman worked and still lost, then I see myself having to really work to win an international fight. It’s about winning every round or KOs. That’s the only way and you must see yourself winning,” he said.

The camp’s most revered trainer, Immanuel Moses aka “Imms” has also left but Low Key says he is quite satisfied with the new arrangement.

The 20th of March Legacy fight is dazzling Low-Key’s imaginations as it presents a chance for him to show what he is made of on home ground.

“Getting into this fight, I feel motivated already by this ranking. I can’t let it go, I have to display a big show that I am ready to go for a world title,” he says

Yet he has no intention to put up more weight to exit the junior lightweight division.

“I will still be fighting in junior lightweight until when I feel like maybe I must gain weight then I will move up,” he told The Villager Sport.