Independence Day, a business boost for Tsumeb - Spokesperson

Tsumeb municipality’s strategic liaison officer, Stella Imalwa-Nangolo, has said the convergence of Namibians from all regions into Tsumeb for the independence celebrations will bring huge business benefits for the town.

The town, located in the Oshikoto region, will be hosting the celebrations for the first time in its history and Nangolo said this means a lot for the residents who are gearing up businesses to cater for arrivals.

“I believe this is really an opportune time for everybody to take this opportunity and give their best. This is the time to shine. For the town of Tsumeb we must really make the best out of this.”

“If we have been known as the cleanest town, this is the time to show everybody who is coming that actually its true, we are the cleanest town,” she said in an exclusive engagement with The Villager. 

Nangolo says the town has the best services on offer which positions hospitality service providers and merchants very well to capitalise on the influx of visitors on the day.

Both private and public sector along with the informal business space will have ample time to make profits from their business and make progress, she said. 

“This is also the best time to really make sure that you walk the talk. I would like to believe that everybody will be coordinated to make the best use of this. If we have to clean up the town, we do it jointly, If we have to really show off who Tsumeb is and what it is made of, as well as the Oshikoto region.”

“This is a time to really Harambee and really make sure that we make Namibia shine during our independence and to show off what we have achieved so far amid all the challenges,” she said.

 Most of the town’s latest developments were given a face lift a few years ago when Dundee Precious metals, located within pumped billions into the town.

“That was really to refurbish and renew most of its manufacturing and smelting activities. We have everything in place. The work-force has been increased. There have been opportunities for all whereby a lot of people came to Tsumeb to either find a job, or to offer services that were needed on the ground,” said Nangolo. 

She also said, “We can be proud of the fact that we are a logistic town, we are strategically located. We are fortunate enough that in Oshikoto region we are a more developed town. So we have managed to have established services in terms of accommodation, in terms of the market and even transport.”

Tsumeb is also one of the towns that have thousands of people travelling through every day. 

On top of that, it is located next to Etosha national park. 

“So it has been a stop over for many activities. In terms of rail, we have all these facilities and we are linked to the railway stations that link to Swakopmund. So I think logistically we will be able to carry off these independence celebrations in style,” she mused. 

Security is being geared up into a united force and Nangolo said people will be able to camp everywhere.

 “This is really a beautiful town and we will be able to go out of our way to accommodate every need,” she said.  

Meanwhile, the organizing and preparatory committee is currently considering either JP Ratledge Stadium in town or the Oscar Norich stadium as possible venues for the independence celebrations.

The Villager could however not get in touch with the town CEO, Alfeus Benjamin who was reportedly in a whole day meeting at the time.