Maggy Mengo won’t retire soon- Coach

Namibian women national hockey team captain, Maggy Mengo, will not be retiring that quick as had been anticipated, team coach Erwin Handura has exclusively told The Villager Sport.

Mengo led the team into the tempest of the Berlin World Cup where they lost out on a chance to land into the quarter finals but managed to raise the country’s colors by winning the top goal scorer award. 

She had indicated that she would be considering calling it quits soon after Berlin, but coach Handura has said it will not be that fast.

“Mengo wanted to retire at 50 games, I think now she is only at 48 so it means she is falling short of two to reach the milestone of 50 to be the first Namibian ever to reach 50. So of course we are looking for an event or two during the course of the year where we can make sure that she gets her 50 caps,” said Handura.

Meanwhile discussions are underway and are at an advanced stage with the captain to realise this milestone, the coach said.

And his overall assessment of the world cup?

“It was a great performance, although we did not make it to the quarter finals which is the top eight ,we ended at nine but we received the top goal scorer award and all in all we were a competitive side,” he said.

Handura has also lauded Kiana-Cormack-Che for landing the top goal scorer award saying that it was reflective of a great team effort. 

“Being top goal scorer is a team achievement although it goes to the individual, I mean, most of the goals she scored, there are three phases. If phase one and phase two are not executed, there is no way Cormack could have scored a goal. So that’s why it’s a team event. She could take instructions and act on them, so did the injector and the stopper. So I think everybody played an important role to her being the top goal scorer,” he said. 

He also said that Namibia is set to improve her world rankings after having won some matches, each of which has its own point. 

With South Africa having not entered the games, Namibia will be ahead of her long time rivals on the world rankings. 

“We should improve our ranking, because where you end you accumulate points from position one up to 12, all those who played in the games will get new points. I do not know, it’s not released yet, normally it's after a couple of months.  So definitely we will not be in position number 14 anymore because Kazakhstan which was ranked 12 finished last. And also South Africa which was ranked ahead of us did not participate. If you don’t compete at tournaments you don’t get points,” Handura said.