Nam’s TM clothing line to showcase in Nigeria

Locally owned clothing brand, TM, will be taking part in the 2018 Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) scheduled to take place in Lagos on the 6th to 8th July.

African designers and fashion entrepreneurs from across the continent will also be showcasing their beauty, talent and creativity through their designs and costumes at this event.

Speaking to Vibe, TM model Dennis Hendricks said that the brand is honoured to be taking part in an international platform, saying that the team is indeed ready to fly the Namibian flag high.

“TM clothing line managed to go through the selection process, being chosen is a blessing to us as the brand is 100% Namibian,” he noted.

“We believe that TM is so much more than just a brand, it’s the centrepiece of a thoughtful sport brand. Young or old, male or female can identify with the TM brand, we designed the outfits so that anyone that wears them feels good and can be proud knowing that it is a local brand,” he explained.

Dennis explained that the pieces were inspired by the changing seasons because the brand caters for every age group and is fit for any season.

“We were inspired by things such as the climate, whatever season, the TM brand will have clothing for every casual occasion,” Dennis explained.

He added that TM is also about connecting with people from all walks of life and is an epitome of the young, old, mature, today’s generations and the future.

“TM brand made exact 2 years and we had achieved a lot already, both locally and internationally, the brand has stand out. We did a huge blow at Windhoek fashion week and have also penetrated in the UK, SA, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola market.

Although TM clothing has managed to cross few borders showcasing their garments they will continue to aim for the stars with plans to cross more African borders with their brand.