Warakata music video did not impress?

Warakata was definitely one of the most played songs in 2016 and 2017, and now many have asked whether One Blood has done justice to the music video.

The video which was released on Tuesday features One Blood in the hood where they shot the music video, however the music video was put together in the least impressive manner.

The music video currently which stands at over 7 000 views at the time of publication starts off with an aerial view with spectators gathered to watch the stars shoot and dance to their song.

The shots move in from random people in the crowd dancing to the artists singing at centre stage.

It would only be right to mention that although this song might not be able to win the best picture, it definitely took the fun to the people as in the music video the group allows fans to dance and just have a good time.

It is definitely a music video for the people, although such a song deserved a better location, better choreography and editing.

The music video scenes switch between One Blood dancing and singing on a container to more aerial shots of the artists basically doing nothing on the container.

There was more uncoordinated dancing than singing in the music video. Many of the shots including dancers cut off at the heads, while everything else showing movement was dumped in together without harmonisation. The shots continue to skip between spinning cars and more shots of people with their heads cut off.

The music video was directed by one of the most respected music video producers, Reggie Zaire who also worked on Lioness’s Dreams and ML’s Oradio.

We will not take away from the talent One Blood has shown over the years however, the music video speaks for itself and it was definitely chasing day light hours than quality in this case.

The group should also have chosen different locations to shoot because one shot on a container and gathered crowd does not do justice for this national treasure.

Based on the quality of the work put out for this music video we will have to question why a video of such poor quality took two years.

Really after you spot the poor editing which ended up including one of the cameramen in the shots, you will be forced to end the music video.