Bexxa quits job for music

Budding producer, Bexxa Carter real name Benito January who was employed as a truck assistant by Nam Dairies has thrown in the towel at his day job to focus on producing music.

Speaking to Vibe, the youngster said he left his job to polish his producing skills as he struggled to juggle between work and the studio.

Born and raised in Northern Namibia, Bexxa said he started his music career in 2010 but say no one could recognise him.

“I started doing music a long time ago, but you know how the music industry is. I actually decided to leave the job because I could not be working and still come sit in studio. I didn’t want to continue working for someone anymore, I wanted to be my own boss,” he laughed.

While explaining his reasons for calling it quits at Nam Dairies, Bexxa said he does not regret leaving the job because his heart is at peace and currently enjoying his talent.

“I would really say that my music is far much better than working as a truck assistant. I make a reasonable leaving from my studio compared to there,” he said.

The self-taught producer now spends his day in studio working with musicians such as Fishman, Mjay, Satlam, Jkay, Wiz black and many upcoming artists.

Apart from having his own studio, Beats Bank, situated in Okuryangava, he is also signed under Nambeats.

When asked whether he has any plans to release an album, the 24-year-old says, he will not become a musician at any point.

“I have no plans to become a musician, I will continue to produce music for as long as I can. I know producers are now releasing albums here and there but I enjoy producing music for people not for myself,” he told Vibe.

He further emphasised that he will continue to work closely with upcoming artists in assisting them with affordable beats.

Bexxa said, “I mostly work with upcoming musicians because I believe we understand each other more. In fact I am still trying to make a name for myself.”