LEFA Cab App brings safety, comfort and luxury to taxi industry

Local innovator, Melkisedek Shivute Ausiku, has introduced into the local unregulated taxi industry, a seamlessly engineered taxi application themed, LEFA Cab App, in a bid to reinforce convenience and luxury for cab-users.

The innovation comes with two applications, one for the driver and the other for the passenger.

The passenger application which is downloadable by Android mobile devices locates driver and passenger and shuttles clients to any destination within the city using all the functionalities of Uber. 

“It makes use of Google maps, it makes use of debit card and credit card payments, SMS notification services, tracking, booking services, location checking and time travel estimation. All these are combined together in one app that allows you to book a cab service,” said Ausiku.

LEFA at present has 15 drivers signed up and Ausiku says he aims to have at least 50 drivers within the next month.

The founder says that the application could be the genesis and innovative solution to put a lid on the escalation of road accidents given that it is convenient for people under the influence to book for services rather than taking a drive home in such a state.

It has the potential to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads if more people are to find its services top-notch. 

“I trust that the nation will support this initiative so that we can grow even further and become even a bigger organisation that not only serves the nation in support of curbing road fatalities, but also eventually become a successful establishment and employer contributing to the growth of this nation,” he said.

The initiative has also received the backing of Namibia Breweries.  

“Maybe there is an opportunity to leave our cars back home, driving us to work from point A to point B. It is our hope therefore that LEFA would become a part of your daily routine as the morning cup of coffee,” said NBL’ managing director, Wessie van der Westhuizen.

The solution comes with a list of requirements for users as well and will only be used by shuttles registered by the tourism board as check list of requirements needed to be fulfilled.

“For instance you need correct permits, you need a PDP endorsed license, you need a correct passenger and public liability insurance, you need first aid training to render that to your passengers should you be in a situation where you need to do that,” said Ausiku. 

Passengers who need the service in one group make a once off payment without splitting the bill.

Ausiku said drivers are every now and then screened to assess their road-worthiness while the entire rides right across the city will be tracked.

The service will be available to Windhoek in the meantime, albeit there are plans to have it rolled out to other towns.