Elemotho’s “Beautiful World” nominated in the UK

Shortly after coming from the intensity of a spectacular United States show, Elemotho Mosimane arrived home to break the news of his album, “Beautiful World”, having won a United Kingdom nomination slot.

“It’s a Beautiful Day...Beautiful World: We are delighted to announce that Elemotho’s album Beautiful World has been nominated for Best World Music/Global Fusion Album of the Year, by One World Music Awards 2017 in the U.K,” said his management on their Facebook page. 

Speaking to Vibe this week, Elemotho’s excitement at the developments was almost palpable but said that he had no high expectations besides joying in the fact that his music was finding room in the ear of the global audience. 

“No no no am just excited about being nominated, I mean, everybody wants to win but am just happy am nominated because that means a lot more than not even getting a nomination. So am just happy. I just wanted to make the best album. Am a big fan of albums.” 

“It’s a big deal for me because it shows appreciation for the album, Beautiful World. You do your best to make a good album and if it’s appreciated, that’s the best thing ever,” said the artist with a bold aura of elation. 

Having been released last year after which the musician went on a touring spree to market it, Elemotho told Vibe that the album was distributed through a UK based company. 

Meanwhile, Elemotho is scheduled to take a flight to Spain for another huge festival, Womad, which he said he was excited about.

The Spanish Womad festival brought an estimated 150,000 people in audience last year alone. 

It has been held in Cáceres since 1992, and is an intercultural event to which admission is free.

“We are busy working on a European tour 2018 and this festival in Spain.  So it’s my style, my music and it’s huge with a lot of people that come to support. It’s a big deal, you know, taking the music of south Kalahari across the world to other places,” said Elemotho.

In addition to musical performances by different bands and soloists, there are other activities such as workshops, street entertainment, craft fairs and the fusion of different cultures.

“That will be on the 11th of May, it’s a big international world music festival,” said Elemotho’s manager and wife, Sylvia. 

Meanwhile his attendance at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) “is not confirmed yet so I can not say much about it,” said  Sylvia through the phone.

Elemotho said there are still funds that need to be put up together as well as papers yet to be processed.