Geingob's Keepers - a man is who he keeps around him

Three years into President Hage Geingob's tenure, is there anything to talk about regarding the so-called A-Team whose members take millions home in salaries?
After Albertus Aochamub's abrupt departure from State House where he was the President's spokesperson and the appointment of Alfredo Hengari, there should be reason to ask whether some of Geingob's keepers are allegiant to the Swapo Party or Geingob.

While there is nothing wrong with anyone admiring the president and defending him in the media, being his spokesperson takes more than just that.
Namibia's president, like any other anywhere in the world, becomes the President by being the Swapo President.
It should, therefore, follow that those who surround the Swapo President and help him should be tried and tested party cadres.

The job of a presidential spokesperson does not require a technocrat but a cadre who is allegiant to the mother body that chooses and deploys the president.
A presidential spokesperson for all intents and purposes should be one vested in the ruling party's ideology and objectives.
  This is what it is the world over where any party that comes into power has to bring in their people who believe in the organisation's ethos.
Being a president's keeper means having a love of the party, he serves at heart and not to be driven by admiration of the individual.

The job of expounding the president's thoughts does not need a technocrat because party matters and party ideology do not need such people.
As it is, some of the President's Keepers have shady political affiliations, and if scrutinised, they may not even be Swapo Party card-carrying members.
   For example in June 2015, Stanley Simataa, who is now the information minister, said Cabinet had directed that government offices/ministries/agencies, regional councils and state-owned enterprises incorporate the ruling party's manifesto into their strategic plans.

Logically, one would also envisage a situation where those in the Presidency are not just willing to implement the ruling party manifesto but to believe in it with its warts and all.
The Swapo manifesto gives detailed statistics on what the party's targets and goals for the first five years are - 2015 - 2019.
   The targets are for housing, infrastructure, good governance, economic growth, agriculture, food security, land reform and other developmental sectors.
    As it is in this country, opposition parties have been reduced to reactionary forces that wait by the door to slip in statements of disagreeing with everything the government does, can the President's Keeper who does not believe in the party adhere to the manifesto?

The question here is whether Geingob's keepers are tried and tested cadres who can willingly expound the party policies and manifesto with all its flaws?
Unfortunately, the situation on the ground does not point at this scenario because Geingob's keepers have nothing to show for having been there for three years.
Most of them, if asked, would say that they report to Geingob and that what they have done, are doing and will do should be communicated to the President.
    This would have been understandable if the taxpayers did not pay them those millions and if their work was not meant to help the country and government function.
As it is, Geingob's keepers whether by laziness or inability have become State House furniture. They are inactive. Even those monkeys and baboons that roam at State House are more visible than the A-Team.
    One would have thought that the A-Team would be at the forefront of pushing the Harambee Prosperity Plan because they should have drafted it and are well aware of what should be done.
Apart from John Steytler and Daisry Mathias, the other A-Team members have not been playing. This raises questions as to whether they believe in what Geingob wants to do or they have other ideas.
It's not a secret that most of Geingob's keepers have no Swapo in their blood. There is no need for names now, but surely the people see and know who they are.
And the way things are now, it's clear that Geingob's keepers have not been done anything, not for him but the nation yet the taxpayer foots their salary bill.
It would only be fair for Geingob to ask the A-Team members to tell the nation what they have done because each one of them has a constituency.
This is not such an absurd demand because we have heard and seen Steytler expounding issues yet the others are hiding behind "we report to the president" excuse.
After all, transparency should mean that anyone being paid by the taxpayer should be accountable to the paymaster. Otherwise, there is no use having useless bodies around the president.

Didn't Geingob declare 2018 the Year of Reckoning?