People from other countries are more supportive- Neslow

Afro Pop artist Neslow who has been in the music industry for quite some time and known for putting the perfect vocals on any chorus has come out to say that foreign music lovers are more supportive then local fans.

Speaking to Vibe, Neslow said his newly released 15 track-album titled ‘Graduation’ was officially dropped in December on iTunes and has been doing well in countries such as the United Kingdom (UK) and in Germany.

“People are loving my album across the continent and I am honoured to see people from outside actually buying Namibian music,” he said.

The artist decided to release his album on iTunes before dropping the hardcopies because he believes Namibians prefer getting artists songs from their friends on a memory stick rather than buying.

“My hardcopies will be out soon, sometime this week, but with the iTunes move, so far so good,” Neslow said.

On his Graduation album, he has featured Exit, Sunny Boy, Papa Nelly and an upcoming artist with the name Dre.

His second offering was produced by Namibia’s biggest producers such as Glo, Araffath and Andrew.

He said, “It has been a while since I have released an album. I mean my first album was released in 2014”

Neslow is also popular for his pro-Usher break-dance moves.

He said he will be releasing music videos every second week from his album saying that he is now full-time in music.

“Imagine I only dropped my first album in 2014, all these years I have just been doing features. I am now here to stay. People should expect more music from the KalawaKotoka Entertainment record label,” he noted.

Although the talented musician is still working on his brand, he says he has plans to take upcoming musicians under his wing after making a name for himself.

“When it comes to our entertainment industry, people who support music tend to focus only on a few people in the business and that is why you will still find people doing good music for many years but are not known,” he said.