Chella talks music

Ohangwena based musician, Wilhem Kalistu aka Chella, will be dropping his third 12 track album titled Waterpass in April after having two offerings under his belt.

The Kwaito Gospel artist who was born in Kwanzasul has been doing music since 2011 after moving from being a DJ to a musician.

Speaking to Vibe, Chella said his music is quite popular in the northern part of the country saying that his previous album which was released last year was sold out in all regions.

“Now that all the other copies are sold out, I will be focusing on making sure that Waterpass is out on time,” he said.

Explaining on where the name Waterpass came from, Chella said he is talking about moving in a straight direction without any bumps along the road.

“How we explain Waterpass in Oshiwambo is not the same way in English. But I am actually talking about moving in a straight direction without any destractions,” Chella explained.

“I am surprised that I came to Windhoek to collect a few copies that have not been bought but I only managed to get three back, which shows that people do listen to my music,” he said.

Apart from being a musician, he is also an Artisan at the Ohangwena regional council.

He further told Vibe that he has worked with Jomolizo, Patrick from PDK and many others on his upcoming album.

In spite of his previous works having sold out, he raised concern over a lack of media coverage from print media.

“We are lucky we have things such as Facebook to promote our art because years over years we have been approaching certain newspapers for interviews but nothing. It seems like they just agree and when you drop your CD, just when you turn around they throw it away,” Chella stressed.

He further revealed that he will be dropping a brand-new music video soon where he is featuring Patrick from the PDK band.