Wrestlers bring home medals from African Wrestling Championships

Five Namibian wrestlers brought home four bronze and one silver medal from the recently ended African Wrestling Championships that took place in Nigeria last week.

The wrestlers who are from the After School Centre Wrestling Club (ASCWC) did well despite training with minimal resources, Head of ASCWC Maggy Katima told The Villager Sports.

“Our team showed that they would not give-up regardless of their little experience and resources. I believe that once we have resources at our disposal we will win more gold medals. Some of the countries the team competed against are well established in the sport code of wrestling and they have all the resources but they did not scare our wrestlers in anyway. Our team was so excited and did their best, “she said.

The Namibian team carried great team spirit and cheered for each other during the matches, Katima said.

The championships were a learning experience for the wrestlers and they are looking forward to the next international competition, she told The Villager Sports.

“The wrestlers have seen many tactics and learned from their rivals in other countries and are already looking forward to taking part in the next international games, which will hopefully be announced in the coming months. With all the energy these wrestlers have I am sure more medals are to come,” she added. 

David Bernhard that took part in the 60-Kg and won a bronze medal; Mervin Eixab participated in the 48Kg category after which he was awarded the bronze medal; Linus Katujanda also took part in the 55kg category and walked away with a bronze medal.

Another bronze medal winner was Asino Festus who took part in the 45Kg category. 

Junior competitor, Romeo Goliath brought home the silver medal.

The team received sponsorship from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to take part in the championships in which 43 countries were participants of.