Swapo Oshana regional coordinator arrested for livestock theft

The Police in Oshikoto on Saturday arrested the Swapo Party regional coordinator for Oshana Samuel Nelongo for theft of livestock that he was allegedly transporting with a party vehicle.

The Villager understands that Nelongo was arrested at Casablanca near Oshivelo in the Oshikoto Region, while in possession of six stolen cattle.

Police Inspector Nakawa who spoke to The Villager confirmed, “The case was opened. He was arrested yesterday for stock theft. He is detained at Ondangwa police station.”

Inspector Nakawa said that due to investigations underway, he could not confirm how many cattle were stolen and he is still waiting for the confirmation from the investigations officer to give a detailed report.

The Villager understands that when Nelongo was arrested on Saturday, the investigations officer dealing with theft at Oshakati, identified as warrant Shikongo, collaborated with Nelongo to release him with no charges if he returned the cattle to the owners.

Nelongo was then apprehended on his way to returning the stolen cattle to the owners.


It is said he had told them that he had just found the cattle and was returning them.

Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga who also confirmed the arrest said that the owners of the cattle refused to open a case against Nelongo.

“I understand when the owners were approached they just wanted their cattle but they did not want to open a case. This is defeating the purpose of combating stock theft. I can also suspect them. Those owners I am suspicious of their attitude. They are not assisting the effective fight of stock theft. If their cattle were stolen sometime back and after efforts were made by police to recover them now they don’t want to make a case, it is suspicious.”

Ndeitunga also said that he has instructed the regional commander to look into allegations of a police officer who collaborated with Nelongo on his initial release.

“Those are still allegations. I got wind of that. I have instructed the regional commander to look into the allegations. These are serious allegations. If it is true that police officer needs to be given a red card,” Ndeitunga said.

The Villager understands that more stolen cattle were found at his home.

The Swapo Party Deputy Secretary General Marco Hausiku on Sunday afternoon said the news of Nelongo’s arrest had not reached party.


Photo credit: John Walenga