Jerobeam creates his own name

24-year-old Jerobeam Haipinge, owner of Emperio Tech CC is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the business world after transferring skills he learned from an internship job on to his own business.

In 2013, Haipinge was employed by a foreign company, Switch Electrical, on an intenship basis where he learned basic aspects of being an electrician before venturing into a full time business. 

Today, his company employs up to four permanent employees including six on a part time basis.

Emperio Tech CC specialises in house fencing, CCTV installations, alarm systems and motor gates including house wiring and electrical fault finding.

“I have four permanent employees currently, but I also have people I work with when I get a bigger tender,” he said.

 The desire to break off under someone’s wing, and the frustrations that come with such gave him no other option but to go solo, he said.

“When I started working at Switch, I wanted to understand why we have so many few local owned companies in Namibia.  It was a company owned by people from other countries and I asked myself why can I not have my own?” he explained.

He further said that he had always wanted to be his own boss and has never looked back ever since.

Haipinge completed his course in Electrical Engineering at the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) the same year he established his business.

He said, “I love the course I chose at school because at the end of the day not everything is about the money. I believe what enables someone to become successful at what they do is passion and dedication.”

Haipinge also said hard work and commitment remains the foundation of a growing business.

 However, the young entrepreneur admitted that the current harsh economic headwinds had also not spared him from feeling the heat.

 “I don’t think there is anyone who haven’t been hammered by our current economic situation, it has affected us yes but the business is still going forward. I believe I am not a tenderpreneur but rather an entrepreneur because we do not wait for tenders but rather look for business in different areas,” he noted.

Although he mentioned that businesses in Namibia are not doing well like before he said he will not lose hope but continue expanding business while hoping to employ graduates who are struggling to get a job.

“I know how it feels to be unemployed and the fore, I would rather build my company to become successful and make room for my fellow youth,” he said.