Germany has field day with Namibia …as the girls draw against Australia

World’s number two and proud hosts of the indoors hockey world cup, Germany has had a field day with Namibia (world’s number 14) after beating them a resounding 12-0.

The odds were high against the Namibian girls who were fighting tooth-and-nail to brush off a loss of 6-2 in their debut match against the Czechs (world’s number three).

“It was a poor performance from the team. They completely lost focus. The Germans used their home ground advantage very well and scored 12 goals. They played one of the world’s greatest team so it was expected. Too many PC given away that too cost us a whole lot, ladies need to work harder on those,” said striker Fenestha Peinaar who is following the matches from Namibia.

She added, “They were outrun but one could see that they fought till the end, they ran even when they looked tired. Stoffberg made some fine saves. Really impressive moves. But overall, we can only pick our heads up and continue!”

However, the games have presented a great opportunity for Namibia’s youngest player and new comer to the word cup, Kiana Cormack who has managed to put a good fight and stands as current top goal scorer in the team.

The Namibians emerged out of the tempest wounded and entered the arena against the world’s number eight, Australia yesterday.

Both teams raced to the end on par with the score-line standing at 3-3.

Cormack unleashed herself against the Aussies and her game stood above board as she pulled off a hat-trick.

“Wow a hat-trick for Kiana this is huge for a player and even a bigger deal for the team, I am ecstatic that they can pull themselves back from a great loss last night! and deliver with such a magnitude. I am sure they are proud! I know Maggy is!  3-3 draw can only mean We will surely win our next game. We going big going home,” Pienaar exclaimed.   

Captain Maggie Mengo got a green card with Marcia Venter getting a yellow for foul play in this round of the match.

The Namibians were preparing to face Ukraine, world’s number 8, at 7:35pm by the time of publication.