Nakaye hitmaker Rizzy Rizz is back

Hip Hop/ Afro Pop artist Risto Nghambe populary known as Rizzy Rizz will be returning to the music scene after a 9-year break.

Rizzy is the owner of Rain Records.

Rizzy Rizz put his music career on hold after releasing his last album titled The Crowing, to focus on his studies.

He is currently pursuing his studies in Media and Television Production at the College of the Arts.

“Apart from focusing on my education, I have been active in terms of acting and all that but I am back now and yes, I can confirm that,” he said.

He added that he will be releasing three singles this year and has plans to collaborate with producer Araffath on a few more projects.

He said, “I will not be releasing any album yet but what I am planning to drop at least are singles this year and see how it goes.”

He added that he is currently studying the industry to make sure what exactly the fans need as he was away for quite some time.

In 2007, the hip hop star dropped a hit single titled Nakaye which boosted his ratings on local music charts.

 “I cannot really give a lot of information out because we are still busy figuring out where to start and how to start,” Rizzy noted.

Although Rizzy has not set out a date yet for the release of his singles, he said the upcoming singles will have a reggae type of sound.

Even though he is back in full swing, he told Vibe that he has no plans to leave school or acting for music.