Rappers don’t like working together-Jericho

Award winning Hip Hop star, Jericho Gawanab has called on fellow rappers to unite in efforts to improve the genre’s current status.

Speaking to Vibe, Jericho said arrogance amongst rappers is the cause of a non-flourishing industry.

“Most Namibian rappers are too arrogant, everyone has issues with someone all the time. The only way to revive this game is through unity but I don’t think we know that,” he said.

He also pointed out that upcoming rappers fail to make it far because of the ego they have titling themselves the best rappers around town.

“These small boys that are just coming out now, they want to compare themselves with people who have been in the business for some time and the moment one starts thinking that they are the best before they have even started, you’re done,” he stated.

Jericho believes that it is high time rappers humble themselves and start taking their music to the next level.

“You will find them on Facebook listing their names on top five best rappers in the country while they have not even worked on more than two songs,” Jericho said.

He said that he has not featured other rappers on his music but is now considering working with other talented rappers and singers.

He said, “I would not lie, ever since I started doing music, I have never featured someone like KK, we are friends and all that but I don’t know maybe the time is finally here.”

He also said that musicians should be willing to pay for the best quality and not just drop music for the sake of having songs.

 “Every second Hip Hop artist’s house has a studio, people do not want to go out there and get the best quality. At the end of the day, Hip-Hop will always be Hip-Hop, regardless of the changes or phases it goes through we just have to push a little harder,” Jericho said.