Geingob officially opens 2018 legal year

President Hage Geingob officially opened the 2018 legal year at the Supreme Court in Windhoek yesterday.

The president during the opening noted that this is a year of reckoning, a year when the Judiciary is called to come to the fore in order to safeguard, maintain and help advance Namibia’s governance architecture.

“We have been given a mandate by the people of Namibia to govern and deliver on the promises which we outlined in our election manifesto. Through the political model of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, we exercise the responsibility to deliver on our mandate and therefore next year we will face the opinions and judgment of the people, as to whether we are delivering. But this year, all under my appointment must account to me so that I, in return, can account to the ultimate sovereigns,” Geingob said.  

Also speaking at the opening, Chief Justice Peter Shivute reminded that the judiciary ensures that the laws are applied to all in a fair, reasonable and understandable manner.

 “As the Judiciary, we are tasked with the responsibility of being guardians and servants of the laws of Namibia, and this is a task you are expected to carry out with patriotism, dedication and integrity. Ours is a profession of trust. A noble duty, an indispensable function of our democratic construct,” Shivute said. 

He added that a draft legislation has been forwarded to to his office by the justice ministry and the office of the judiciary is working on reforms to increase the monetary jurisdiction of the district courts to extend divorce jurisdiction to the regional court so as to relive pressure on the high court. 

Geingob is expected to officially open the Cabinet tomorrow and the National Assembly next week.