Namibia starts on a rough patch in hockey world cup

Namibian women's hockey team started on a rough patch following their defeat by the Czech Republic at the world cup in Berlin which roared to life yesterday.

The girls failed to put off pressure from the pressing Czechs who walloped them 6-2.

However, Namibia’s Kiana Cormack who has been demonstrating brilliant game play in the friendly matches prior to the big games took a green card for a foul but managed to put in a field goal.

Marcia Venter scored a penalty corner for Namibia but the Czechs were already dominating with the score line ending at 6-2.

“It was unfortunate that we could not watch the opening match of the team as it seems it only streams from one court but I am sure, knowing our ladies’ team, they put in a tough fight. I know because I have watched them play.”

“However, the entire country will be watching tonight (last-night), we are all behind them routing for them all the way. Germany will not have it easy! These ladies have passion and the drive and loads of surprises,” commented national team striker Fenestha Pienaar who is following the games from home. 

National team coach, Erwin Handura and captain Magy Mengo could not be reached for a comment by the time of publication. 

Meanwhile, Namibia will face the Germans, proud hosts of the world cup after this match.

German has already thrashed Russia a resounding 8-1 in their opening games making them and the Czechs the only teams on a smooth sailing so far.

The Germans are ranked the second in the world while the Czechs come in at number three.