DJ Slxm to release a beat tape

Oletu Shipila also known as Dj Slxm will be releasing a beat tape which will consist of 16 clean beats to test his producing skills.

He has been a DJ since he was 16 years old and has since been learning how to produce music beats he said.

Now his ultimate challenge is to successfully pull off a beat tape in mid-June.

Speaking to Vibe, Slxm said the beat tape will be titled Beautiful and Some Beats which will consist of house, hip hop, trap and other genres.

“I don’t think it has been done before where someone releases a bunch of beats on one disc, but my aim is to hear what people think about my beats as I am still polishing my producing skills,” Slxm said.

The 21-year-old disc jockey said he would sneak out of the house to go watch other DJs spin the decks at nearby night clubs when he was younger.

Slxm was born and raised in Windhoek where he attended his primary school at Constantia Private School and later on moved to Karibib to complete his grade 8 as he had skipped it due to financial reasons.

He then finished his high school at the Khomastura High School.

“I stayed home after grade 7 because I could not go to grade 8 due to financial reasons and during that one year, I used the opportunity to sharpen my djing skills,” he told Vibe.

He has played at highly attended night clubs, parties and corperate functions.

“My first gig was at the Minister of Fisheries' party, Bernhardt Esau, and from there I started getting gigs. I have also played at Chopsies, The Spot, Warehouse, The Loft and many other venues,” he said.

On his set, he plays all types of music, from hip hop to house leaving his crowd on their feet asking for more jams.

Although the music business is currently working out for him, he said DJs still need to unite and work together to develop new skills.

Slxm said, “DJs do not really work together, it is all about competing against each other. I have seen a couple of DJs in a club who would rather complain and laugh with the crowd about a mistake made on set instead of assisting.”

He further urges local musicians and producers to also work together to boost the industry for more growth.