Windhoek Spin City to host its first competition of 2018


Windhoek Spin City (WSC) will be hosting its first spin show of the year with hot acts and various international guest spinners to entertain the crowd. 

This year’s spin show will be bigger and better as two international well known guest spinners have been invited to take part in the show, said WSC co-owner Joel Nambahu. 

“The show has attracted more members over the past years compared to when we started. Namibians are by now familiar with the spin shows and they show up in large crowds. This will be one of the biggest shows in the spin city history because of talent that has entered to be part of the show,” he said. 

He added that the spin show is all about fun and showcasing the driver’s talent and the power of the vehicle and tactics used by the spinners to entertain the crowd.

Nambahu said a legend within the spin city world known as ‘General’ from Botswana and ‘Sunesh’ from South Arica will also be part of the show. 

Last years local winner of the WSC show’s well known as king of spin ‘Wamboe seun’ will also be there to showcase his talent and to entrain the audience.

“We are going to see talent compete against talent in the show. There are no particular winners that we expect to see but we are hoping that all the spinners learn from the best we have in the country and from the best we have invited from outside the country. It is all spinning and learning and mostly picking what might help to spinners in the next spin show,” he said.

He added that the best spinners in the world must have learned a trick or two from someone in motor sports and they need to come in numbers with their family members to be entertained.

Furthermore, Nambahu said that some of the spinners that want to join still face challenges. 

“The sport is growing amongst the youth but many youths can not afford to build their own cars because of the cost involved,” he said. 

The main sponsors of this year's first spin show are Monster Energy; Hebron Construction ; Tren tyre ; Nest Guesthouse ; Nesha Medical practice and Telishman  hire.