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Big Ben fills up the Warehouse

by Rosalia David

Big Ben and his band filled up the Warehouse Theatre on Friday night, marking notable success as he remembers his first show in 2002 which only pulled a crowd of 60.

The most celebrated performing artist saw the venue packing up to capacity at his Big Ben welcomes 2018 show, which was attended by other music influencers such as Dj Kboz, The Dogg, Matongo family, Rasheehama and many others.

Speaking to the man of the moment, Big Ben said he did not expect many people to show up at his event as he has not hosted any particular show in the last two years.

“I really did not expect people to show up in full swing since I haven’t had my own show in a while. I have only performed at gigs and all that, I am thankful,” Big Ben said.

Big Ben added that the turn up indeed brings back hope for Namibian music as many artists have lost interest in hosting their own shows.

He said, “We all came to a point where we have made our minds that people don’t like to attend shows anymore, but on Saturday, I was shown that supporters are out there.”

According to Big Ben, his tickets got sold out and people still attended to pay N$150 at the gate.

The tickets were being sold at N$120.

Big Ben said, “I perform with married people or with young kids who goes to school and for me to have a successful show as such, it means that the fans has managed to put bread on the table for some of these families.”

He further added that the event was first of its kind for 2018 and more shows will be coming soon.

Apart from performing live for two hours, Big Ben said the Matango Family also entertained the crowd living their fans asking for more.

“The Matango Family gave their best performance, we have a song together so they had to perform. I am very happy to see my fellow musicians supporting each other. I believe that is how it is supposed to be,” he noted.

He said there were no fights or any inappropriate behaviours at the event even though it was packed to its capacity.

Although the event was a success he further apologises to his fans for squeezing them in a small venue while promising them a bigger and open place for the next show.