Glo grooms musicians

Music producer Solani Zulu aka Glo has embarked on a new journey to groom two upcoming artists under his record label, Glo Music Production.

Glo who has been doing music for almost 20 years now said, he has been working with songstress Promise for a while now and has decided to add two more talented musicians under his Glo production label.

“I have signed an Afro pop artist called Boom and another rapper who goes by Junior, they are both talented musicians and I am currently busy working on their albums,” he said.

Even though Glo gave Vibe a glimpse on what new projects to expect from the signed musicians, he could not give the name of the albums yet.

“We have not decided on the names and the number of tracks yet but at least I know that we are planning on dropping in April. I am also working on my own album which will come as a surprise,” Glo said.

Glo has worked with artists such as Gazza, The Dogg, Tate Buti, Tequila, Mushe and many others.

Apart from the new artists he signed, Glo has also been managing DJ Siya who is a Dj for the PDKs and a musician at the same time.

Although Glo has taken it upon himself to groom upcoming artists, he said availability of funds within the entertainment industry remains the biggest challenge.

He said, “I know money issues are everywhere but I would really say the reason why our industry is not prospering is because of the lack of funds. People do not want to invest in music.”

He further stressed over artists who are unable to make a full payment when booking for studio sessions or for mixing and mastering saying that, it is indeed one of the major challenges about being a producer.

“There are upcoming musicians out there who really want to make something out of music, talented artists but cannot release a single or an album because there is no money,” Glo explained.

When Vibe asked whether there has been a case of him reselling a beat or a song of an artist who failed to pay off the remaining debt, he said, “I have never done that because I don’t just react, I make sure I annoy them until they come finish paying,” he laughed.

The other strategy that Glo uses to claim his money is keeping  the song before any payment is done and only releasing it when it has been payed for.