NPL women’s soccer desk plans to extend Galz & Goals project


The Namibia Football Association’s Women’s Desk (NFAWD) plans to extend its Galz and Goals project to Oshana and Zambezi region this year.

Funds that were received from UNICEF to develop the project will be used to extend to the two regions, said Jacky Gertze of NFAWD.

“The funding will assist in spreading the programme to Oshana and Zambezi regions. This is a commitment of UNICEF to sponsor NFA to further expand the programme to the rest of the country and also to grow more. Monitoring and evaluation around the growth of women football at youth level and to support development is a good move. We are very happy and excited about this initiative,” she said. 

She added that NFA wants to empower women in soccer and is calling on all girls to take part in this initiative.

She said it provides many opportunities and that is why there are more women around the globe playing football and studying.  

Galz & Goals was launched in 2009 with the main purpose of establishing women football leagues for under 13 to under 20 teams across the country and to date ten regions are enjoying successfully organised league games where girls  play football on a weekly basis and partake in healthy lifestyle activities. 

“Although football is by far the most popular sport in Namibia, there is lack of opportunities for young women to take part in some of the remote areas. We would like to see girls given the space to grow as individuals in a safe and nurturing environment and to enjoy themselves through the sport of football. We know that young girls are at a particular sensitive and crucial phase of their development as they make their way from childhood to adolescence,” Gertze said.  

She said it is important to support girls to navigate through this tricky life stage so they can grow into confident, self respecting and responsible women.

 UNICEF has engaged a consultant to facilitate the process of developing a 5-year strategic plan for the project as this was a recommendation from the programme evaluation conducted in 2015. 

Meanwhile, on the 4th of October last year a national consultation meeting was held in Windhoek to consult regional coordinators, girl partners and other stakeholders on the programme and the final report is expected to be shared early this year.