Gallo Seven on second album

Northern based artist Kandye Silas aka Gallo7 will be releasing his second album titled ‘Odjuulufi’ which will be a fusion of Kwaito, Gospel and a Nigerian sound.

The Kwaito artist, who ventured into music as a backup dancer for the late musician Pablo, told Vibe that he is currently working on a new single which is expected to blow up after its release.

After Pablo passed on, Gallo7 decided to join the music industry which has led him to his first 14 track album titled Money, Power and Respect in November last year.

Gallo7 will now drop his second album in August this year.

Born and raised in the Onuno constituency in the Ohangwena region, Gallo7 said that his first album was received well even though he had to travel up and down to promote it.

 “Money, Power and Respect was well received especially in the northern part of Namibia, but it is indeed very difficult to get the music on radio stations as I have to travel myself to the city to promote it,” he explained.

Gallo, who raised concern over a lack of media coverage in the Ohangwena region however emphasised that artists should indeed go the extra mile to make it one day.

“I am currently based in the north, I was born and raised here but when it comes to doing music I am always in the city. I am now working on my second album and I am hoping to feature artists such as Exit, Jomolizo and many other kwaito musicians across the country,” he said.

The multi-talented artist is currently signed under a record label named Etenda Lomafo owned by kwaito artist Kavax.

 “I have been with Kavax since 2015 and we work really good together besides he wants to leave music now, so, hopefully he might leave the record label with me,” he laughed.

He said that his second album will catch music lovers by surprise as he will be working with Namibia’s biggest producers.

“I will be working with Araffath and Mr Glo because they are the only producers I believe that can bring out the best quality including Cronics, Gallo has said.