Elemotho brings cultural vibe to Texas

Namibia’s internationally acclaimed artist, Elemotho Mosimane is set to thrill crowds at the 5th International Music Festival in Texas where he will take Americans along his culturally conscious sound.

Speaking to Vibe this week, Elemetho’s manager Silvia said the artist has humbly taken the invitation as an honour to show case and explode the energy of his evocative music.

“A list of Musicians from all over the world have been invited to take part in the 300 years celebration of San Antonio 's International Sister Jazz Ensemble exchange which is but only one of 700 community events in  this year's celebration,” said Elemotho management.

The musical activist will share the stage with an array of award winning artists making the event a melting-pot of a myriad of cultures all speaking the same language of positive vibrations.

“He has got so many things in the pipeline but on that one he did not have all his papers to go so he was not sure he would make it. This is where the international eye will be looking at. It’s an opportunity to be collaborating with these top Grammy nominated international musicians,” says Silvia.

 She says he is looking forward to be absorbing some lessons from this array of musicians and add to the rich content of his sound.

Yet the artist is curious of how these international sounds will merge with his, a likely surprise package for the “rootsy” Namibian instrumentalist.

“We will have to see what the outcome is, he is curious to see what they will have to bring to his sound,” says Silvia. 

Elemotho has been acclaimed for his consistency and originality.

“For him he wants to bring the African roots of course the message and they are going to be performing one of his songs. He is going to be performing with some African groups and they will be jamming altogether. Before he left Elemotho has been doing a bit of memory to his past and he has been doing this quite often for the past 16 years,” she said.

Pianists will play an Elemotho composed song for the grand-finale which they have to interpret together and bring out as the song of the concert.

 The star studded event has pulled musicians from as far as China, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Namibia while the climax will be on the 3rd of February.  

From there, the musical guru has plans to grace the prestigious annual Harare International Festival of the Arts from the 1st to the 6th of May, but as his manager said, he is yet to get full confirmation from organisers in Zimbabwe.

“I have not received the invitation yet so I am very cautious,” Silvia said.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Karikoga Kaseke is quoted as saying, “We are determined to surpass the big crowd that graced the 10-day event last year.”