Dj Sodo on film and music

Film producer turned musician Edward Osman, also known as Dj Sodo has finally dipped his toes in the music pool to test his music skills.

The artist who was born in Malawi and moved to Namibia seven years ago has his hands full as a director, producer, graphic designer and now a musician.

He is the founder of Basement films and through his company he has shot music videos for artists such as Tate Buti, The Dogg, Young T, TKB’s, House Guru Gang, Castro and many others.

Dj Sodo is also behind the making of the Captain Kalola film.

Kaptein Kalola is a local film starring artists such as Tate Buti, Kamati, Top Cheri and PDK.

“I have been in film production since 2004, but I have always had interest in being an artist”.

The 28-year-old who also studied digital video production at the Chancellor University in Malawi before moving to Namibia said he will be focusing more on his music while extending his production business.

 “I think it is high time that I do music now, I have released two singles already last year and so far so good,” he said.

His debut single titled ‘Anointer’ was well received, he said adding that his new music fan base has encouraged him to continue dropping tracks.

Despite his love for music, Sodo said being a director is indeed something he enjoys doing on a daily basis.

“Apart from wanting to be an artist and all that, I enjoy directing, I love working with people and being able to bring the best out of their work,” he explained.

In spite of his passion for film making and music video directing, he said that it is not easy to work with people.  

He said, “Sometimes I get clients who want me to shoot music videos for them but they do not have a clue of what they want, which makes it more difficult to come up with a concept from scratch.”

He added that entertainers do not necessarily wish to pay the needed amount for the video or movie.

He further urges local artists to invest in good quality music videos that are able to play on international platforms.

“Some artists want a good quality video but would not want to pay the needed amount. One thing we as artists should not do is compromise quality,” he stressed.

Apart from expanding his music career, Sodo said he will also be shooting three local films this year while working on his first album.