APP points gun at Katjavivi over Nghidinwa’s memorial service

All People’s Party (APP) has pulled out guns at Speaker of Parliament, Peter Katjavivi for allegedly directing the official opposition, Popular Democratic Movement, (PDM) to speak on behalf of all opposition parties at the late Rosalia Nghidinwa’s funeral.

Nghidinwa, former gender as well as home affairs minister passed away last week while admitted at the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek.

Speaking to The Villager after the memorial, APP’s Secretary General as well as former DTA political big-wig, Vincent Kanyetu bashed Katjavivi for ostensibly “promoting his cousin, McHenry Venaani”.

“We really condemn and reject this move by Katjavivi and like minded people because he can not promote his cousin at the expense of other political parties. We totally reject it as from today. If whatever should happen, be it at the level of government or national level that needs the voice of opposition parties, APP must be excluded from being represented by Venaani. No, people did not vote for Venaani. People voted for Shixwameni and APP,” he fumed.

Kanyetu said ever since the passing away of Andimba Toivo ya Toivo parties have always wanted to speak for themselves when passing eulogies without having to be represented by others.

“But then the instruction from parliament was that only the official opposition must represent all other political parties. How can DTA represent APP? We have raised that question even with Katjavivi, they promised not to repeat it and now with the death of Nghidinwa, they still repeat it that whatsoever they call it, PDM whatever, must speak on behalf of all opposition parties,” stamped Kanyetu.

He further said while grievances over Nghidinwa’s memorial service are now water under the bridge, in future, “APP must be APP. Not represented by Venaani. No!”

“We reject that one. This must be known to everybody. People have been calling us around saying what’s happening, you guys are not saying something on the memorial service. We said, it is not our making, it’s a thing that is coming from parliament and this is wrong,” he said.

He said the same incident happened at the late Angelika Muharukua’s memorial service prompting outrage from the opposition camps.  

“That has shown that, the Katjavivi agenda with his cousin Venaani is rejected. He must not practice family affairs in the interest of the public. We are not all their relatives. We are from Kavango. I am not related to Katjavivi neither am I to Venaani. I am not a Herero. Yea, that’s it,” he said.

However, the speaker has bashed back at APP’s claims as unfounded saying that he was not directly involved with the planning of the memorial service.

“Oh my God!  Do you take this seriously? That I gave an instruction…” said Katjavivi before bursting into laughter, “No, first of all, it is not a matter for me because the National Assembly is not responsible for organizing the memorial service. The government is directly involved in organizing this. You might have observed the event here at parliamentary gardens,’ he explained.

Katjavivi said it was a matter for the organisers to compile the list of those who where going to speak and that as a speaker he was not at the centre of that process.

“If we are the host, then obviously we will be consulting our colleagues from the various political parties. Normally one does not impose the speaker on other people. The people who are saying we have done that are totally misguided,” he said.