We won’t allow criminals to steal Base FM- radio presenter Sexy Jimmy

Base FM radio presenter Elton Jimmy better known as Sexy Jimmy has come out to say that he will not allow criminals to steal and destroy the community broadcaster.

Sexy Jimmy who has been a radio host at Base FM since 2009 for the show ‘Sexy touch', said, over the years, the stations resources have been misused and its high time he speaks out.

The new trustees who were elected last year to shape up the station and improve its financial status are Anita Nangombe, June Shimuoshili, Kennedy Nsundano and Abner Niilonga.

Jimmy who also told Vibe that the staff had not been paid for almost a year further expressed disappointment in the new board saying that they are not transparent enough.

“The station owes us close to a year’s salary and we have not gotten that money until today, when they took over they changed my salary to N$1000 per month titling me as a trainee,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the board members Anita Nangombe was quoted last year saying “It is in the public domain that the board has inherited a radio station that was in total disarray, both from a financial and administrative stance.”

According to research by The Villager, Base FM’s financial troubles are not new, and the station has had reports where previous station managers have been accused of stealing from the station’s funds.

The representer who is outraged by his meagre monthly wages said he cannot be paid as a trainee when he has been with the station for over 7 years.

He said, “I was supposed to get an employee contract not trainee, I have been permanent here for so long.”

Anita said, “We are busy with rebranding and focusing on putting out a good product out there, as soon as we do, we can focus on interviews, statements and press conferences will be held from our side. For now, we are focusing on Base, to bring it back to the community even better as it was,” she said.

The new board also took a resolution on 6 December to temporarily remove equipment from the station for storage until a new building is found.