Mushe unleashes ‘On Time’

Kwaito artist, Mushe, real name Albert Uulenga has returned to music with a bang, after his latest 18 track album titled ‘On time’ sold out  in the first week of release.

The now solo artist who started off in a duo with fellow kwaito musician Exit, took a break from music a few years ago to pursue a career as a business man.

He tells Vibe that he sold 1000 copies of his album in the first week and has now received a second order of his CDs.

On his album, he features local stars such as Tate Buti, Exit, Sunny Boy, Young T, Sergio, Waka and others.

The multi-awarding winning star also tells Vibe that he picked up producing skills while he was on his vacation from the industry.

Mushe says, “I have worked on a couple of songs and beats myself and the rest were produced by Mr Glo and Cronics.”

“I have been quiet for some time before I released this album and now that it’s doing well, there is no stopping point for me anymore. I will indeed be dropping every year,” Mushe says.

Apart from polishing his music business, he will also be dropping brand new music videos from the popular album.

“My whole focus will be now on music as much as it will be on business, but, I also have plans to start shooting music videos by next month,” the star says.

He also promised to drop another album by the end of this year, saying that he has now grasped and understood the challenges within the entertainment industry.

Albeit the successful album sales, Mushe complains that he is stills struggling to secure gigs outside of Ondangwa, where he now lives and operates his business from.

 “When I used to live in Windhoek, at least I used to negotiate my gigs on a social platform. Now that I am here, it is very difficult to get a gig, but I am always having shows in the northern part,” Mushe says.

He says music remains his passion and will never give up on it inspite of his busy schedule.