Song Night goes to the coast

The Song Night event is set to come alive at the coast with a headlining act from Miss H, on  the 30th and 31st January at Walvis Bay.

This move is meant to squeeze talent out of up and coming artists through properly manicured performances.

Miss H will also be offering a pep talk on how the music industry works, as well as tips on what to focus on in this art.

This will coincide with the vocal training that Liz Ehlers plus Song Night ambassadors and assistants will be providing to artists during rehearsals.

The event will also be open to non-Namibians. 

“The mandate of Song Night is to uplift and mentor upcoming Namibian singers by providing a FREE platform where singers first audition. This is a very important part of the process, where singers must come prepared with at least two acappela songs or singers can accompany themselves with an instrument of their own or bring along an instrumentalist to accompany them,” she said.

 An acoustic guitar and keyboard will be available for artists for free then the singers get a form to fill in: “This is a vital part of getting to know yourself,” Ehlers says.

“If you have a nickname or interesting story about yourself, don't be shy to tell it. Music isn’t just music anymore. It is about making people feel things, or think things or do things when they hear your sound! Then if you get selected to perform at Song Night, you have to rehearse. Like crazy!” she says.  

She says that since Song Night is not bringing down its band to the coast due to wanting to start organic and more personal, singers have to practice own songs on backtrack.

“If you don't have backtracks for your songs Song Night will try and source them for you free of charge or you can rehearse with your own instrument or with an accompanying instrumentalist that you can source yourself,” she adds.

Ehlers says soon after rehearsals are done, it would be show time.  

“Showtime means performing your one or two songs with passion! Knowing what you say, how you move and what you wear in order to convey the message you truly want to convey. Being comfortable and ready! Showtime means shining on stage and eating the nerves for breakfast. Showtime is basically when you putting yourself out there to be the next level of you and to possibly be the nest big thing,” she says.

She adds that the event does not pay the artists but focusses on development.