Musicians don’t acknowledge songwriters - Bertholdt

RnB singer and songwriter, Bertholdt Mbinda has come out to say that musicians are still failing to acknowledge songwriters.

Bertholdt has said that musicians are still ignorant when it comes to giving credit to people that have worked hard on their songs saying that, performers always want to make it seem like they have done all the work.

“The problem with us, local artists is that we struggle to give credit where it is due and we always want everyone to think that we are the ones who did all the work on the song and its not right,” he noted.

Even though passion is what drove him to this profession, he admits that it is not something he can make a reasonable living from.

He explained, “Sometimes what people pay us is not even enough to buy butter that is enough to apply on a one slice of bread.”

Regardless of the blind eye turned towards songwriters Berthold said he will continue doing what he does best and that he will not be discouraged.

While noting the disadvantages associated with being a songwriter, Berthold said he has plans to take on song writing full time alongside his music partner ‘TheFutureIsGiggz’ in future.

He also said that his put his music career as an artist on pause in order to focus on writing and giving voice training to upcoming artists.

“I haven’t really been releasing any songs except from ‘Tot Daar’ which dropped last year December, but I can assure you that I will be releasing my 3rd album in April,” Bertholdt added.

He said the album will have between 10 to 12 tracks, “My album will be out by April but I can’t give you the name yet because I am not so sure yet about the name but what I can assure you is that it won’t have a lot of different genres.”

According to the RnB singer, he will borrow foreign sounds from countries such as Nigeria, which he says he loves.