Do not compare PDM to other parties - Venaani lashes back at critics

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president, McHenry Venaani has lashed back at critics whom he said are not doing research to properly analyse the position of opposition parties.

 “We don’t want political analysts to write good about us. I want them to continue to be critical but I also want them to be truthful. I read two articles, one was written by The Patriot and one was run by The Villager. Colleagues, even you the editors and writers of these stories, be critical. It is your job to be critical. But don’t tell lies,” he said.

Venaani added, “Don’t smoke Nyaope and come here and start analysing a country with people because we know when you are conflicted.”

Nyaope, also known as Whoonga is a cocktail of dagga, heroin, Anti-retro-viral drugs, rat poison and acid and is a uniquely South African street drug that is highly addictive and destructive.  

He said viewing PDM with other political parties, some of which had never held a press conference in four years would be unfair to PDM.

He also threw egg in the face of other political party leaders whom he said are mute in parliament when debating.  

 “If you are critical you must say that party A this is how they are performing; party B this is how they are performing. How can you compare PDM’s political problems with that of APP, people that have never had a press conference in the last four years for example? We sit in parliament, we see leaders of other opposition saying nothing and we are lumped. Our performance is gauged with them, there is no critical element in that,” he fumed.

Without naming names, Venaani accused some of the country’s vocal political analysts for working for the president and thus compromised and unfair in their analyses of the political landscape and his party in particular.

“Some of them are working for the president as advisors, some of them were running his campaign and apparently those are the people that should give an analyses. Of course they want to keep their jobs. So analysts must rise to the occasion to be critical but they must also be found with facts,” said Venaani.

 He also scoffed at criticism that his rebranding of the official opposition party’s name and colors was over-simplistic.

“Which political party have they seen in Namibia rebranding, we are the only ones that rebranded and people are saying no it’s too simplistic. I want to tell the media houses as we start this political year, if you’re saying the opposition is weak, yes! But if you say the oppositions only campaign when its elections then you are lying, because our party has been on the ground since 2013,” he rapped.

Analysts have also urged opposition parties to increase their visibility ahead of the elections but in retaliation, Venaani said his party has been visible and campaigning since 2013.  

“They are saying no Swapo is the only party that was being seen in the country. Of course Swapo was at the congress last year, do you want us to have a congress when Swapo has a congress?” he queried.

He has also accused analysts for turning a blind eye to what he said were good motions which they raise in parliament to secure benefits from the president.

“They are sometimes good motions that are being raised by the opposition, I have never seen an analyst saying the opposition is doing good, all they say is no the opposition is weak. Do they want Namibia to be a one party state or what? Because they are getting tenders from Hage Geingob?” he said.