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Araffath promotes Namibian culture

by Rosalia David

One of Namibia’s biggest producers, Araffath Muhuure has released a 17 track House and Afro Pop album titled ‘Back to Heritage’ which he said promotes the country's heritage.

Araffath who has been in the music business for almost two decades said his album will promote local culture while bringing back the original Namibian sound which he describes as a ‘lost sound’.

“There is more I want to say and I believe I can do that through music, the album talks about taking you back to the roots. As much as the world is changing and people are following the trends we should not forget where we come from,” he explained.

The producer further raised concern over the increase of copied music in Namibia saying that musicians have lost ‘originality’.

On his album he featured artists such as S-man, Ann Singer, Etjo, Tequila, Berthold, Priscilla, Makurunganga and many others.

“I am going to be releasing more albums because I feel like music is the right platform for me to express myself and reach out to all Namibians” he noted.

The album was well received and he sold the first bunch of copies in the same week of release.

"I am really grateful for the support, I would say the album sold well and people have given me a positive response so far. I left a gap when I released the first one but this time I am not going to let another year pass without dropping another disc," he said.

According to the music guru, music videos are in the pipeline and the date of release will be revealed as soon as everything is finalised.

Araffath has worked with many prominent artists such as The Dogg, Exit, Blossom, Mushe, Syclone, Jomolizo, Hishishi Papa, and many others.

“Apart from my own albums, I have worked on a lot of artist's tracks and my recent project has actually gotten me more bookings,” Araffath said.

He further urged local producers to start producing their own music while emphasising that there are no rules to music.

"There are no rules to music, infect there are a lot of musicians out there that have turned to singing so, there is nothing wrong with a producer releasing an album. Adding that artists should forget the notion of ‘producers don’t release albums," he said.

Although Araffath has now diversified his music career to releasing singles and albums, he said his first love remains music production.