HopSol Youth league to expand to region

HopSol Youth Soccer League will expand to the rest of the regions once it successfully makes an impact in Windhoek, former Brave Warriors player and league founder Collin Benjamin has said. The league was introduced last year, when it launched in the capital.  

The league is aimed at grooming young players to be professional soccer players for the country,  Benjamin has told The Villager. 

“The HopSol youth league is all about grooming the players that have love for the game of football. We believe that this league will create future stars. This is one way we are taking these young boys off the streets. Last year we had a great year. All the teams registered with us showed great commitment towards and we plan to expand the league to other region but will only reveal which regions we will be targeting first,” he said.

He added that although the league has only started last year soccer academies as well as clubs did not take time to register with the league and it will be bigger and much better this year. 

The main sponsor of the league is HopSol Solar Power a private firm in the solar industry. The firm last year announced a lucrative sponsorship of N$1 million of the period of three with the ultimate aim of establishing a domestic football youth league.

There are currently 6 teams and academies; 14 schools registered with the league which is all together over 800 players that are registered with the league but the league still faces challenges Benjamin explained. 

“One of the biggest challenges we are facing is the finding good soccer fields the kids have to play on whenever there are matches scheduled to take place. Some of the soccer fields are not in a good state and that is a challenge for us. Another challenge is obviously funding which we need to make the day to day running and administration of the league smooth and more flexible. We need additional funding for this,” he said. 

He added that once funding has been secured it will also make it easy to engage more regions as possible this year and the league will grow because there is talent outside Windhoek as well and it is better that the players have to be exposed at this tender age in order to groom them for right position of play and discipline which is the most important set of skill needed to groom best players. 

The league accommodates players from under 9 years up to players that are under 19 years of age.

However, Benjamin said that 2018 registration for clubs have already opened and will be closed end of January while registration of club players will run until 13th February.