ItÔÇÖs all about love


It was in the midst of laughter and girl talk at a workshop for women that Beatrice Schultz started her workshop ‘Unveiling the Greatness in You’ on Friday evening at MultiChoice in Windhoek.
The evening was meant to make the women feel as if they were on a ladies’ night out with a drink and a plate of some healthy food while gossiping.
Loving yourself and embracing who you are was the evening menu as Schultz emphasised on points that are very dear to women worldwide; beauty treatment and fashion; career; family and healthy eating.
The combination of those points, if done properly, helps to empower the women and make them feel more confident.
In her presentation, Schultz, being a beauty therapist in the making and a qualified fashion designer from Unam demonstrated the right way of applying makeup and the type of foundation depending on one’s skin texture.
Her presentation on fashion clothing excited many and with the help of some models, she demonstrated how one can enhance the different body shapes.
“In my book, there are different types of body shapes - top heavy, bottom heavy, top and bottom heavy and an athletic body,” she said in her presentation.
Top heavy refers to women with big busts than bums. In this case, she advises that women should consider wearing garments which put emphasis on the lower part of the body while avoiding spaghetti tops.
She advised women to be confident and admit that they are either big or skinny.
“Women, in this modern age are more concerned with resembling models on newspaper covers rather than embracing who they are. It should not matter what size or shape one is but it’s rather better to love themselves,” she points out.
The workshop is the first of its kind by Schultz.