Otjiwarongo artists give back to community

Otjiwarongo based artists, Kalux, Castro and Jayden will be donating stationery items to the Multipurpose help centre which will cater for 70-80 children on Friday through their ‘Lets Unite’ initiative, they have said.

The ‘Let’s Unite’ initiative was established last year and aims to assist orphans infected with HIV and AIDS and children from the disadvantaged group.

According to one of the members Carlos Fernando, Lets Unite will tackle challenges such as poverty in their town as well as pushing for unity amongst many artists.

“We established the Lets Unite initiative early November last year but we only started marketing it in January because we were still brainstorming on how we can go about it,” he said.

He further told Vibe that the ‘Lets Unite’ organisation will also host one of the biggest music concerts where 15 DJ’s and five musicians are expected to perform.

“We have spoken to many DJ’s and artists already to take part in the concert as a way of giving back to the community. We want to cut out this thing of inviting artists from other countries to make money here,” he noted.

Carlos who is managing musicians such as Jayden and DJ Castro added that Lets Unite will also be focusing on hosting events which promote local music and strengthen the culture of booking local musicians first before considering outsiders.

“We have realised that there is a need for intervention when it comes to unity, people do not want to work together in Namibia. With this initiative we hope to touch many hearts,” he explained.

Apart from donating stationery, Carlos said the team aims to donate up to 2 000 school shoes across the continent.

Carlos noted, “We have many things planned out for the year, the stationery donation is just the first step. Let’s Unite will be an annual thing and the response has been good so far.”