Female rapper set to disrupt music production industry

With male producers dominating the music industry for many years, 20 year old producer and hip hop artist Ashlee Raynee is set to change the narrative by taking music production hands on.

The 20 year old Windhoek based female artist who describe herself as a “PB R&B singer” is one out of a few female producers who have mastered the art of mixing and mastering through YouTube tutorials.

“I produce my own stuff but I do collect beats from other different producers and just mix and master when I am done recording,” she told Vibe.

Apart from singing and producing, the multi-talented young musician also knows how to play the guitar and piano.

She further told Vibe that her interest for mixing and mastering came after her experience of hoping from one studio to another to get the typical “perfect kick”.

“I learned how to mix and master music through YouTube channels. I think I just got fed up with searching for what I really wanted in a song. So, I thought why not do it myself then,” she explained.

Ashlee, who attended her primary school in London and now is completing her tertiary education in China, said she has been doing music for close to a decade but only got the chance to release more songs this year.

She has just released a single titled ‘Me No Wan’ featuring up and coming artist, Krumblez and a music video for the song is expected to drop by next month.

Ashlee said the song caries a strong message, talking about the new generation and how she hopes for a better future for the upcoming generation.

“I believe in a song with a strong message, because there is really no point in dancing to something which has no message,” she noted.

Pressed on whether she has any plans of releasing her first album this year, Ashlee said she is not in a rush but would rather focus on building her brand in the music industry.

“I really don’t understand how people can just drop albums left, right and centre without being known first. I would rather release singles and promote myself before releasing an album,” she explained.

She however mentioned that she would like to work with artists such as Lioness, Gazza, Tunakie, Tate Buti, Jericho, Taylor Jay, Kp Illest, Kalux Mzee and Don Kamati.