APP tells LPM, “You’re wasting your time” … while hard times hit political parties in the face

All People’s Party (APP) Secretary General Vincent Kanyetu has said the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) is wasting its time changing into a political party and should rather come join them to dislodge Swapo out of power. 

Kanyetu was speaking to The Villager on APP’s state of preparedness for the 2019 elections when he said he would be calling Bernadus Swartbooi to open coalition talks. 

He admitted that hard times had hit the political camps in the opposition and just like businesses were running on low funds. 

“I was going to make a call, I will l even make it now, that Swartbooi and the other guys must not waste their time in forming a party just because of the ancestral land. That’s a single issue.”

“Everybody knows that running a political party is just a business that you are running. But in Namibia, it’s so tough for a political party which is in the opposition to get a good amount of sponsorships,” he said. 

Fears over possible snatching of voters from long time political parties by LPM are simmering while analysts are doubtful of the latter’s chances of sticking their flag over Swapo strongholds. 

Kanyetu has also extended an olive branch to parties agitating for genocide reparations to throw in their weight with them and enter elections as a united force. 

“We have documented it since day one. So they better not go ahead in forming a political party that will end up after the national elections as a “call-me-request” political party. Knowing their capability and ability, I am calling on them, they must now come and join All People’s Party including those that are fighting for Genocide reparations. We have documented that, it’s not just sweet-talk that I am trying to impress whoever, we talk about ancestral land, we spoke about the genocide of the Nama and Hereros,” he said. 

Pressed on what message APP was driving home in it’s engagement with voters, Kanyetu said, “We are telling people that they as potential voters must this time not continue what has been happening over the years to vote for people and political organisations that will at the end of the day make them slaves. This time they must vote for people and political parties that are going to represent and speak on behalf of them and address the issues that need to be addressed.” 

He added, “What is happening now is that, even if you look at the discussions that are happening, it just tells you that they are window dressing discussions. Matters are not being addressed accordingly as per expectations of the people.”

The SG said people must vote for just wealth distribution because the distribution of the wealth that has been taking place in the country has been skewed.

“I know, you know and everybody knows, a small chunk of the population is living a heavenly life in Namibia but the majority of the people including myself, including even you are not enjoying the fruits of our hard won independence,” he said. 

He could not reveal what projects APP had run so far other than speeches and presentations. 

“I can not tell you now what we have engaged in, but what I can tell you is that we are already doing things on the ground. As you know that our political party is still growing, those people in whose regions we have done things, they can testify that this is what APP has done for us and this is what they are capable of doing.” 

“We have been sponsoring people, we have been advocating for the Harambee fund, for the poor children, the social grant, before it was implemented by government, APP was on record and it was documented. But it’s now water under the bridge,” he said.

The politician however went on an onslaught of the media which he accused of selective and slanted coverage of the political ground to the advantage of the ruling party. 

“The media don’t cover our stories. Even if we do good things, they don’t. But they choose to cover if bad things happen like for example when we recalled our councilor. They wanted to know why I had recalled the councilor and such kind of things.”

“When we where saying the guy was not delivering according to expectations, not even one media (house) turned up. I can not dwell much on that. That’s their right you know. The media have got their right to do whatever they want to do. That’s my observation and we are not happy about it.” 

“You choose where you shop your news. Only when you are dry is when you come to the opposition parties. You go to Swapo -every time, but when All People’s Party calls you don’t come,” he said.

He also packaged the economic meltdown as having been caused by rampant corruption citing the SME bank saga as a bold example. 

“Look here, when you have businesses flourishing in an honest and just way, even if the world economy is to be affected, but you will still survive as a nation. Our problem now lies from the fiasco of your SME bank, whatever you call it. People borrowed money. Who are those people? The majority of the beneficiaries who got loans from the SME bank? You don’t need to answer me. I also don’t need to give you an answer. Now it’s obvious that where there is money, that’s where development is.” 

“If I take out money from your pocket and bring it in my own house and my pockets, it means I am taking out development from you and bringing it to myself. So when you talk about development that’s why we are saying just wealth redistribution. We are playing the whole thing of developing the country in terms of businesses off-side. One part is being given attention, the other not,” he said.